Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Writing Project

     So I've mentioned before that I enjoy writing. It is a fun way to get my imagination working. I also believe that the Lord gives me the creative ideas to put into stories. Sometimes I look back on what I have written and wonder how that could have come out of my mind.
     I also have a tendency of starting a writing project and not finishing it. Unfortunately, I do it a lot. Long novels take a lot of time and energy to write! I did write a full length fantasy novel when I was fourteen, but that took a lot of patience and determination.
     After I wrote Return to Tirinth, I had decided that that was a once in a lifetime kind of deal. That there was no way that I could do another one. Well, that concept worked for about a year until I came across a writing prompt on Pinterest. It was very interesting and sparked my imagination right off.
                                                   What if memories were money? 
     And my mind went "Whoa!" That was it. I couldn't stop thinking about that concept. I tried and tried to get it out of my head. I told myself that I didn't have the time to write another book, I am a senior in highschool, which means I will probably still be writing it in college, and I am working and doing all sorts of stuff. I could probably only work on it once a week. But it still didn't go away. I think it is a God thing. Unconsciously, I would daydream characters and plots and subplots and development and eventually created a world. So guess what I am doing now. Writing.
     I wanted to let you know that I am four chapters in now, which is about 37 pages at the moment. I am writing in first person, which is totally unlike me. There is depth about these characters which I have never delved into before. I decided that I am going to post the first chapter and hopefully get some feedback. I want to let you know beforehand that I might not finish the story, but I will certainly try to keep up with it. I also want to warn you that this is a first rough draft. It is raw material.
     So here is a link to Google docs for the first chapter of my new writing project (by the way, it doesn't have a title yet.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

After the Curtain Opens

     I don't know why exactly I started this blog in the first place. It was kind of just placed on my heart that I should start one, although I didn't think my life was that interesting. To be honest, this blog has turned into a place where I can reveal what the Lord has been teaching me. It has been a testimony for me and (hopefully) for you.
    I thoroughly enjoy writing. It is relaxing and releasing at the same time. Occasionally, I will get writing "longings." This might sound weird, but it is an urge to write. There is a little heaviness inside of me and I have this strong desire to write something.
     I get the same 'longing" feeling for acting and singing. Thankfully, I get to do both during the school year. Choir just ended last week, and I am so happy that I got to be a part of a wonderful homeschool choir! It was a blast.
    Choir is hard work. It may seem like just singing a fun tune on a stage, but underneath the surface there is a lot more work that goes into creating a show. I can't describe how many diverse jobs there are to build the performance. I probably don't even know all of them. But instead of worrying about all the other jobs that have to get done, I constantly remind myself to focus on my tiny part, and do that job as best as I can.
Image result for music

     I am a performer. (You've probably guessed that by now.) I enjoy putting on entertainment for a crowd. There is deep sense of satisfaction in making people enjoy their time and creating an environment where they can be fully immersed. I love the lights, the costumes, and the rush of adrenaline before the curtain opens. I enjoy it because I can forget the audience is there and be wrapped in bringing to life something that is beautiful and inspiring. I love singing the gorgeous melodies that make the audience sigh with contentment. I have fun being crazy to invoke an honest laugh that cannot be contained. When I am up on stage, there is no doubt in my mind that that is where I am supposed to be.
    Nevertheless, I get nervous! So nervous! Before the adrenaline kicks in, there are the nerves, crawling at me, taunting me, laughing at my pitiful attempts to be a star. Before the curtain open, my confidence is closed and contained behind the gnawing doubt that I might fail. My body shakes, ready to just start the show already. My fists clench tight so that no one else can see them trembling. For weeks and weeks ahead I prayed that I would forget myself and just enjoy what God made me to do. However, the last few minutes of taunting solitude are the most depressing time of the whole semester of practicing for that moment.
   The lights are on. The curtains open. The music starts.
   Without thinking, I am thrown into the moment of trying to remember every tiny choreographed detail that I have been trying to cram into my brain. Where to stand, when to step, how high to sing, when to take a breath. But it works. The performance I have dreamed of just flows out of me.
    I always say that after the first song or scene, I am perfectly fine. The nerves run away after that. It was true for the concert. I just enjoyed myself. I was in raptures! I was doing the thing that I love, that I had memorized each detail, that I had put so much work and time into, I was singing. The crowd always seems to melt away, they disperse until all I can think about it how much fun it is. The Lord was my crowd, and He didn't care one bit that I slipped up a few times.
  Beautiful. That is the best word I can use to describe it.
    Fulfilling a part of your purpose before the One who created you to do it is so rewarding. For those who were at the concert, my face was probably full of joy because that was what was in my heart. He removed my failings from the mix, and I could just be me. And it fit perfectly.

For those who would like to see a video of my solo please tell. I would be glad to show you.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sometimes Courage Is Saying "No"

(Warning: Content may be hard for people-pleasers.)

     I firmly believe that every individual person on this earth is jam-packed with numerous personality traits. God went all out creating a perfectly unique version of you that is so complex that it is impossible to recreate. Personality quizzes, like the Meyers Briggs or the ones you find on Facebook, are cool and occasionally accurate, but they can never truly explain who you are. You probably don't even know all the little quirks you have that makes God smile because


That is an incredible thing that I love about human beings!
    Since we are an incredible melting pot of attributes, there are most likely some that we share in common. (By the way, I wholeheartedly advice you to learn who you are. It doesn't matter if your a tweenager, teenager, or adult. Knowing the little things about you is an incredible discovery that I am still enjoying.) In this post, I want to connect with the people-pleasers out there.
   You know who you are. ;) 

    You are the kind of person who is really compassionate, slightly vain (admit it), always wanting to help a friend out, a perfectionist in some areas, perhaps the teacher's pet, that person in class who gets an A's not because they are extremely smart but to make the teacher happy, perhaps you're a performer of some sort, or you work in customer service. People like you because you follow the rules, always seem pleasant, willing to help extra, or easily persuaded. I am sure you are not all of these things. This description doesn't fully describe me.
    If you relate to maybe a couple of these traits, I want to have a little chat with you. I am a people-pleaser. You bet I am! I am the first child, which I guess could add to it, but it is also a part of my personality. Being willing to help others out and being compassionate is a really good thing! The Bible encourages us to be kind and compassionate, and says that encouragement is a spiritual gift! Woohoo! Great job! This probably comes easy to you!
    However, every trait has a flip-side. If you are anything like me you probably are easily persuaded. Have you ever taken the leadership role, not because you are a natural born leader, but no one else stepped up? Or have to tried to help too many people at once that you don't have the time to get any of your personal stuff done. Have you been overwhelmed with other people's problems? Have you been depressed because you felt that you are not enough? If no one encourages you or says you did a good job, do you feel devoid of a purpose? Basically, I am preaching to myself. This is me.
 Listen. You and I are not enough! 

    We cannot please everyone we come in contact with! We are going to fail, sometimes drastically. We will sometimes not have the right words, enough strength, the right voice, the best attitude, or the best grade. We can be so fake sometimes, acting like our world is butterflies and rainbows so that the people around us will be pleased with our radiant attitude. You and I need to be real. We have got to grasp that we cannot satisfy everyone.
    This may sound selfish, but occasionally we need to have a little "me time." We can be kind of obsessed with saying "yes" to every person who asks for our assistance. For us it takes courage to say "no." This is an act that I struggle with. I hate saying "no" to someone who needs me, but if I don't I won't have any time to work on my own projects. I cannot be the permanent crutch for everyone to lean on. It may kill me to refuse to assist, but if I say "no", I am saying "yes" to something better.
     So, people-pleasers, this might be a hard pill to swallow (and I hate taking pills) but ultimately it will help us balance out our crazy lives. Perhaps, instead of stretching ourselves out to fill numerous roles, we can become fully devoted to a few and excel at those. How about we try saying "no" together to make our "yes's" even better!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Life of A Cow

     Yes, the title of this post is "The Life of a Cow." I was also considering "To Be a Cow" or "Born to be a Bovine," but those are rather cheesy. Well, the whole thing is cheesy, but so much fun!
     In case you were wondering if I have lost my sanity, I can perfectly and clear-headedly say that I am stable. And no, this is not related to a cow that I own, but of my own experience today.
     I have been an official Chickfila Cow! I work at Chickfila (in case you haven't read any of my earlier posts). About a week ago, I offered to be the Chickfila mascot, a Cow, at any upcoming event. I had never been a mascot before and thought it would be an interesting experience and something to check off my "bucket list." Also, since I LOVE acting, I thought that I would thoroughly enjoy it. Seriously, it is basically miming (acting only using body language). That's right down my alley! Putting my gifts to good use!
     Of course, after hearing my request, Chickfila was very eager to get me in the suit. There aren't many willing volunteers since it is a tiring job. I was scheduled for three events right off! (I guess they really needed me.) Today, I had two different events to appear at, which is a LONG day.
     Just to clarify, there is a real person in the cow. I hope you know that by now. ;) The suit is very complicated and very heavy. I don't want to give too many secrets out. Let me just say this. It is very hot, because you are covered from head to toe in thick material. The head is the most complicated piece. If you are claustrophobic, you shouldn't have this job. You can only see through a small opening that points downward. (So if you see a mascot and they don't see you right away, take it easy on them, they are seeing as best as they can.)  One problem that I was worried about was if I had an itch on my face. There is no way to scratch it! You have to somehow rub your head inside the "head" to in some way to relieve the itch!
    Despite the heaviness of the suit and the crazy heat that you feel, it really is a fun job! I basically got paid to give "high fives", wave, and take pictures with random people! I got to dance to music randomly. A stranger and I had a dance session, and it was fun! There is an incredible freedom to be able to be silly and have a great time without worrying what people think of you because all they see it the cow and not the person inside!
    Sometimes it is funny when people don't know who you are! I took a picture today with a woman from my church, and I couldn't say "hi!" Hahahaha! I will totally have to go up to her on Sunday and say "You know that Chickfila Cow you took a picture with at the football game? That was me!" I can't wait to see her expression!
     I was also mistaken for a guy! Apparently, it looks like a male cow, because no one guessed there was a girl underneath. I had some person give the Cow (me) a guy hug, and someone said "Thanks, man!" to me! Whoops! ;) I couldn't help but giggle (to myself, of course, not out loud)!
     Just thinking about today makes me laugh! 

     It was such an unusual but exhilarating experience! Now I can say that I have been a Cow! That's something not many people can say. Oh my! I'm getting tickled writing this!
     Seriously, though, if there were more people who would just wave at strangers and give "high fives" to every kid they see, people would be more friendly. If we weren't afraid to dance when there is a cool beat, or dance with a stranger and just enjoy life, we wouldn't be so scared about what other people think about us. Wouldn't that be great? I struggle with that so much. I am always concerned about how other people view me. There was such a releasing feeling of not caring that I felt in the Cow that was awesome! I wish I didn't have to feel so on guard all the time. That was something that the Cow taught me. I can't wait to do it again on Monday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Advice From A Senior

     So, I'm a senior in high school this year. Ya. It's pretty crazy to imagine that I have completed almost twelve years of school work, and I have learned volumes of information (some of which is very useful, and some which I wondered why I studied that at all.) If I look back I realize that I have grown an incredible understanding of how the world works. Imagine, all that you know now was realized throughout your years of school! That's so incredibly amazing! Subjects from typing (which I am using at the moment ;D) to astronomy, biology, economics, writing, music, and theater, have all combined and intertwined into an better understanding of how the world works and the glory of the One who created it!
     I don't know if every senior or student considers this amazing fact, but it is well worth the thought. It gives you an appreciation for those twelve years and countless hours of adding information to your brain. It is a rewarding thought. I think it might also be my homeschooler inside of me. Growing up as a homeschooler, my mom always said, "You never stop learning. We are always learning new things everyday!" It's true! As a child, I always loved to learn. I had, and still have, a gnawing curiosity to try new things and learn new interesting subjects. (Now, sticking with learning a single subject is where I falter.) Curiosity may have "killed the cat" but for me it has opened exciting new doors.
    This was not what this post was to be initially about. I kind of got sidetracked. I guess that's the writer inside of me. I get going and get swept off in different directions! My crazy brain! However, for those of you out there who are "stuck in school" this is meant to be a positive, encouraging note. Advice from a senior,
    1) We are just as dingy as you! Believe me, seniors are nothing special. We are just as crazy!
    2) Keep plugging away at it! Although those pointless exercises you do everyday (you know what I'm talking about) seem dumb, they are pounding important concepts in your brain that will be hard to forget later. ("I before E except after C"!)
    3) Just take a moment a remember what you've already accomplished! Look at the thousands of things you have added to your memory that could not have been there before! Wow! You are amazing!
    This was totally not what I was going to write about, but that's ok! It was what was needed to be said. I can't believe it is me that is saying it! I feel like I am the least adequate person to tell you all this "grown-up" advice, but it kind of just came out through the keyboard. I needed this as much a you do. Senioritis started to set in, but there is a cure! ;D

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Coming Soon!

     My creative juices are at work! I have such a creative mind that if I don't have an activity to stimulate it I tend to go crazy. I like to always have something to create, from music to movies. 
     My newest project is something I have never attempted audio book. I am attempting to take a story (and with the help of my amazing siblings) turn it into an audio book complete with accents, different voices, and sound effects! Don't worry about copyrights because this story is my own original novel. I wrote it at thirteen, so please don't judge it too harshly. It is just a creative outlet/hobby of mine and it should just be treated as such. 
     It is also another way for me to interact with my siblings, which I have been trying to do more often. With the beginning of my senior year looming ahead of me, I am trying to be involved with my younger brother and sisters because the time for me to move will come so quickly. I do not want to be one of those older siblings who totally disregard their family and think only about how cool they are. It's hard, but rewarding in the end. 
     Anyhow, I will be working on the chapters and hopefully will find a way to get them to you! It will probably be in the form of a link to a YouTube video that is private just for you subscribers! 
     Did I ever mention the title? 
     Coming soon to Running His Road is the epic story Return to Tirinth, written by Rebekah Runner and dramatized by...well...the Runner's! Hope you enjoy! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Running In A New Direction

     God likes to surprise me! He really does! He also provides for me in many incredible ways! My new job is one of His lovely gifts.
     I am now an employee at Chickfila! Growing up in the south, where there is a Chickfila practically on every other street, it was a dream of mine as a little girl to work there.  I was about seven or eight when I announced to my mother that when I grew up I was going to work there. It also helped that I didn't like beef (hamburgers included) and loved eating chicken.

     Now one of my childhood dreams has come true! I say that jokingly, but the fact of the matter is that it has been a dream job of mine. Working with food is enjoyable to me, and customer service seems to fit into my personality very easily.
     I have started the training process and I already can tell that I will enjoy this job. The other employees are so friendly and genuine! They truly want to help you get settled in. I haven't actually started serving behind the counter but that happens I believe on Wednesday.
    This new road I will be running on is a little daunting, but exciting all the same!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Leibster Award

     Wow! All I can say is wow! I have been nominated for the Leibster Award. Since I have only started blogging, I had no idea that this was a thing, but I am super excited to participate! This is a great way to express fun facts about yourself that you wouldn't normally do! So here goes!

     First of all, I would like to thank Beth @ for nominating me! I find it so cool that we have mutual friends and know each other with only meeting twice (I think). :D

     Here goes to answering the questions.

1. Soundtrack music (music from movies) are my ultimate playlist. Seriously, look me up on Spotify to see.
2. I notice the weird background details in movies that most people probably don't think of. (For example, in the newer animated movies you can see the pupils in the characters dilate and see reflections in them.)
3. I am gluten intolerant, which means I am allergic to wheat. However, my favorite food group is breads.
4. If I am in a deep sleep, my dreams have camera angles and soundtrack music.
5. Celery is disgusting.
6. I have had 4 and a 1/2 teeth pulled out at the dentist. (Yes, I said a 1/2)
7. I have taken two years learning Chinese.
8. Online logic games are fun.
9. I wrote a full length novel at the age of 13.
10. I love accents. (My favorites are British, Irish, and Indian.)
11. I am musically minded to the extreme. (I sing to the same key as the vacuum when I am cleaning. If you don't know what that means, it's ok.)

     There you go! There are some interesting facts about myself. Here are some more direct questions from Beth.

1. What was your very first fandom? My very first fandom, I guess, was The Chronicles of Narnia, although at the time "fandoms" weren't invented yet. 
2. Makeup or no? Yes. A definite yes on Sundays and special events. Other times, yes because I should. Makeup takes too much time though.  
3. Could you survive on an uninhabited tropical island for a week with nothing but the clothes on your back? No. I would probably die. 
4. 3 websites you visit daily? Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube. 
5. Do you have any secret boards on Pinterest? No, I do not. 
6. Favorite book/series as a kid? The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Boxcar Children. 
7. Tea or coffee? Coffee. I hate Tea.
8. Are your ears pierced? Yes. I got them pierced on my 13th birthday. It's a special "coming of age" tradition for the girls in my family. 
9. How many pairs of shoes do you have? I have three pairs, but they are getting worn out. Sadly, I need to go clothes shopping. 
10. What's your go-to breakfast food? I make a chocolate muffin everyday for breakfast. It is filled with lots of protein so it keep me full for a while. 
11. In your opinion, what is the best blog post you've written so far? I don't know. I only have four. Please tell me! ;)

     There you go! Thanks again for nominating me! I hope this provides some great insight! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Only 11 Days At Home

     This past month has been so chaotic and crazy, but at the same time lots of fun! It has been full of incredible opportunities and reunions with extended family! Although I am tired of riding in the car for hours on end, this month has been a good one. It has been filled with adventures!
     I have stayed in GA, KY, MI, and TN in the course of one month. I have only been home 11 days! The first trips was in GA where we stayed with family. A week with my grandparents, a day with my uncle and aunt, and about a week with another aunt. I have also driven on the interstate multiple times which has been very stimulating (not that my parents are totally comfortable with it yet!).
    The second trip was more of a mission trip to Kentucky. It doesn't seem like much of a mission trip ideal, but when you have roofed with a bunch of other teenagers for a week it feels like your serving someone! This was the first time I had ever roofed. I had no idea it was such hot and sweaty work! At the end of the day, I was filthy! I also have never been on a roof in a thunderstorm. That was certainly an adventure! But the Lord provided a safe shelter through a total stranger who was moved by what we were doing! That was certainly humbling.
    Let me see. What was the next trip? Oh! My parents, one of my sisters, and I traveled to Missouri to look at a college there! I cannot believe that next year I will possibly be moving 9 hours away by myself! It's crazy! I love this college though. College of the Ozarks is an incredible Christian college where you can work for your education and graduate debt-free! That is definitely an option I would look into!
    Then, out of the blue, one day after I had gotten home, I was kidnapped! Actually, my cousin randomly decided to take me to her house for a couple days to hang out! It was pretty awesome! We had talked about doing something like that since we were little! It was really cool to just spend time with her in her mountain home in TN.
    With her family I went to GA (again) where I met the rest of my family in the mountain cabin that my grandpa has owned since my mother was a little girl. I have been going there ever since I was seven months old! It's a great place. Tubing down the rapids is one of the highlights of that trip.
    Needless to say, that was a lot of traveling. Sitting in the car is not nearly as much fun as it was when I started. I now appreciate my home much more. My next adventure will be starting a new job at Chickfila! Won't that be exciting!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another School Year Gone By

      School is very important to me. Ever since I was little, I enjoyed the process of finishing the pile of workbooks laid out before me. Perhaps it is because of my love for organization and goal orientation. There is a feeling that comes over me when I admire the hard work I have put into a project or goal. That's why I enjoy school.
      I will not say that I am a genius or anything of that sort. I was not born as an intelligent mastermind who immediately understands every subject from English to Math (especially not Chemistry)! I have worked incredibly hard for months to earn the A's and B's I get in school. I have never gotten a C as a final grade, although I have failed multiple tests. An A+ is always the goal. I accept A's. B's are fine but not worthy. Anything C or below is unacceptable.
     Some may ask if my parents are too hard on me. Actually, my parents have inquired if they were pushing me too hard. No. I do not consider them to be the instigator. They were the starters, setting an example of high standards in more places in life than school. However, as I have grown older (and started to teach myself school from textbooks) it has been myself that sets the bar increasingly higher.

     Occasionally, it's a curse. The expectation of being a perfect student is often broken and I am thrown back into reality. However, these experiences are humbling and help me stabilize my standards. I am not a straight A student, but I can always do my best. There are times when I have to consciously tell myself that it is alright that I did not receive the grade I wanted, or failed at understanding a certain concept.

I am human. I am not perfect. I will fail.
     Looking back upon my junior year of high school, I realize that I accomplished some difficult things. I took college courses at the local community college. Just that alone is astounding. I was really nervous at first. The thought of being two or more years younger than the majority of the people there was scary, but I laughed at the thought of being a "highschooler in disguise." In case you were wondering, I got A's in both classes.
     I also took AP courses in high school that were considered more difficult than college English courses by the teacher. However, out of all the common subjects in school, English is my proficient one (in case you couldn't tell).
     I have done well in school this year, as with all the other years. Looking ahead to the future, I am nervous about pushing it even further, but I know that with organization, hard work, and the Lord's strength, I can do almost anything!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Brief Introduction

     Hello! My name is Rebekah Runner! I am a senior in high school. I am homeschooled and I consider learning to be a great thing! It can be done in so many ways! My life is pretty busy, especially this year with school, work, and theater.

     Acting is my passion, and I got to explore new factions of theater this year as I was a director in extension to acting. It was an amazing experience!

     My family and I were also involved are also involved in the lives of international students from all around the world at Purdue University. I greatly enjoy seeing many people from many different countries in my home. Meeting and understanding people from different cultures truly changes the way I see the world.

     Music is a part of my life, from the very beginning. It is a deep part of my life, and I am always singing a tune or composing a song! Do not be surprised if music, especially soundtrack music, comes up in my blogging!

     Thank you so much for reading my blog. Thank you for joining me on the road that the Lord places in front of me! It will me a crazy ride! You never known where you will run next.