Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Advice From A Senior

     So, I'm a senior in high school this year. Ya. It's pretty crazy to imagine that I have completed almost twelve years of school work, and I have learned volumes of information (some of which is very useful, and some which I wondered why I studied that at all.) If I look back I realize that I have grown an incredible understanding of how the world works. Imagine, all that you know now was realized throughout your years of school! That's so incredibly amazing! Subjects from typing (which I am using at the moment ;D) to astronomy, biology, economics, writing, music, and theater, have all combined and intertwined into an better understanding of how the world works and the glory of the One who created it!
     I don't know if every senior or student considers this amazing fact, but it is well worth the thought. It gives you an appreciation for those twelve years and countless hours of adding information to your brain. It is a rewarding thought. I think it might also be my homeschooler inside of me. Growing up as a homeschooler, my mom always said, "You never stop learning. We are always learning new things everyday!" It's true! As a child, I always loved to learn. I had, and still have, a gnawing curiosity to try new things and learn new interesting subjects. (Now, sticking with learning a single subject is where I falter.) Curiosity may have "killed the cat" but for me it has opened exciting new doors.
    This was not what this post was to be initially about. I kind of got sidetracked. I guess that's the writer inside of me. I get going and get swept off in different directions! My crazy brain! However, for those of you out there who are "stuck in school" this is meant to be a positive, encouraging note. Advice from a senior,
    1) We are just as dingy as you! Believe me, seniors are nothing special. We are just as crazy!
    2) Keep plugging away at it! Although those pointless exercises you do everyday (you know what I'm talking about) seem dumb, they are pounding important concepts in your brain that will be hard to forget later. ("I before E except after C"!)
    3) Just take a moment a remember what you've already accomplished! Look at the thousands of things you have added to your memory that could not have been there before! Wow! You are amazing!
    This was totally not what I was going to write about, but that's ok! It was what was needed to be said. I can't believe it is me that is saying it! I feel like I am the least adequate person to tell you all this "grown-up" advice, but it kind of just came out through the keyboard. I needed this as much a you do. Senioritis started to set in, but there is a cure! ;D

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  1. Woah, Rebekah! Someone changed your profile pic. What's up with that? (This is why you don't leave your phone unlocked around me. :D )
    Love ya, girl!