Monday, August 24, 2015

The Beginning of a New Chapter

     So college...

     That happened. After weeks and months of anticipation, I am finally here! There are sometimes when I cannot believe it and then other times I feel like I have lived here for a while.

     Classes haven't started yet so I can't truly say I am a official studying student, but I am working on just getting used to the campus and the ambiance of the place. Classes and homework will come eventually.

     Speaking of the general atmosphere, everyone is so nice here! I have been told by so many wonderful people that I can ask them any question and that they are here for me. Literally, every break session and even individual conversation always ends with the openness to ask questions. It's not just the faculty and staff but also the students as well. It is very welcoming.

     Even the guys here are super nice. I'm not saying that as the usual googly-eyed freshman girl who tries to match make herself with every cute boy.

I am not coming to college to get my MRS degree. 

     Seriously though, most of the guys are very polite and gentlemanly. They open doors, pick stuff up if it falls from the table and even offer to throw away your trash from you. I am getting spoiled. It's great.

     Being around so many pleasant people makes the leaving home realization easier to deal with. The saying good-bye to my family was hard but it wasn't nearly as dramatic as I had pictured in my head. There was no weeping and clinging tightly underneath dark clouds pouring rain. It was simple and almost too unrealistic for me to actually believe that it was happening. Now the next morning was a different story.

 Image result for bryan college rudd

     Orientation, I believe, is just a tactic faculty use to distract freshmen from feeling homesick. We have no time to think about home! It is a continuous line up of events that give you lots of information.

Too much information. 

     It is all relevant and important but nonetheless it is way too much. I'm having a hard time just getting my mailbox to open. 

     Orientation is also very random, which I personally don't care for. I like the fact that I am preoccupied but I would rather have my class schedule started. I am ready for school. Yes, I'm one of those weird people. Although, I am sure I will be complaining about the mountain of homework later on!

     These past few days have been different from anything I have done. College is definitely a unique experience that I like. Classes start in two days. That will be a whole other adventure!