Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Life of A Cow

     Yes, the title of this post is "The Life of a Cow." I was also considering "To Be a Cow" or "Born to be a Bovine," but those are rather cheesy. Well, the whole thing is cheesy, but so much fun!
     In case you were wondering if I have lost my sanity, I can perfectly and clear-headedly say that I am stable. And no, this is not related to a cow that I own, but of my own experience today.
     I have been an official Chickfila Cow! I work at Chickfila (in case you haven't read any of my earlier posts). About a week ago, I offered to be the Chickfila mascot, a Cow, at any upcoming event. I had never been a mascot before and thought it would be an interesting experience and something to check off my "bucket list." Also, since I LOVE acting, I thought that I would thoroughly enjoy it. Seriously, it is basically miming (acting only using body language). That's right down my alley! Putting my gifts to good use!
     Of course, after hearing my request, Chickfila was very eager to get me in the suit. There aren't many willing volunteers since it is a tiring job. I was scheduled for three events right off! (I guess they really needed me.) Today, I had two different events to appear at, which is a LONG day.
     Just to clarify, there is a real person in the cow. I hope you know that by now. ;) The suit is very complicated and very heavy. I don't want to give too many secrets out. Let me just say this. It is very hot, because you are covered from head to toe in thick material. The head is the most complicated piece. If you are claustrophobic, you shouldn't have this job. You can only see through a small opening that points downward. (So if you see a mascot and they don't see you right away, take it easy on them, they are seeing as best as they can.)  One problem that I was worried about was if I had an itch on my face. There is no way to scratch it! You have to somehow rub your head inside the "head" to in some way to relieve the itch!
    Despite the heaviness of the suit and the crazy heat that you feel, it really is a fun job! I basically got paid to give "high fives", wave, and take pictures with random people! I got to dance to music randomly. A stranger and I had a dance session, and it was fun! There is an incredible freedom to be able to be silly and have a great time without worrying what people think of you because all they see it the cow and not the person inside!
    Sometimes it is funny when people don't know who you are! I took a picture today with a woman from my church, and I couldn't say "hi!" Hahahaha! I will totally have to go up to her on Sunday and say "You know that Chickfila Cow you took a picture with at the football game? That was me!" I can't wait to see her expression!
     I was also mistaken for a guy! Apparently, it looks like a male cow, because no one guessed there was a girl underneath. I had some person give the Cow (me) a guy hug, and someone said "Thanks, man!" to me! Whoops! ;) I couldn't help but giggle (to myself, of course, not out loud)!
     Just thinking about today makes me laugh! 

     It was such an unusual but exhilarating experience! Now I can say that I have been a Cow! That's something not many people can say. Oh my! I'm getting tickled writing this!
     Seriously, though, if there were more people who would just wave at strangers and give "high fives" to every kid they see, people would be more friendly. If we weren't afraid to dance when there is a cool beat, or dance with a stranger and just enjoy life, we wouldn't be so scared about what other people think about us. Wouldn't that be great? I struggle with that so much. I am always concerned about how other people view me. There was such a releasing feeling of not caring that I felt in the Cow that was awesome! I wish I didn't have to feel so on guard all the time. That was something that the Cow taught me. I can't wait to do it again on Monday!

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