Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Writing Project

     So I've mentioned before that I enjoy writing. It is a fun way to get my imagination working. I also believe that the Lord gives me the creative ideas to put into stories. Sometimes I look back on what I have written and wonder how that could have come out of my mind.
     I also have a tendency of starting a writing project and not finishing it. Unfortunately, I do it a lot. Long novels take a lot of time and energy to write! I did write a full length fantasy novel when I was fourteen, but that took a lot of patience and determination.
     After I wrote Return to Tirinth, I had decided that that was a once in a lifetime kind of deal. That there was no way that I could do another one. Well, that concept worked for about a year until I came across a writing prompt on Pinterest. It was very interesting and sparked my imagination right off.
                                                   What if memories were money? 
     And my mind went "Whoa!" That was it. I couldn't stop thinking about that concept. I tried and tried to get it out of my head. I told myself that I didn't have the time to write another book, I am a senior in highschool, which means I will probably still be writing it in college, and I am working and doing all sorts of stuff. I could probably only work on it once a week. But it still didn't go away. I think it is a God thing. Unconsciously, I would daydream characters and plots and subplots and development and eventually created a world. So guess what I am doing now. Writing.
     I wanted to let you know that I am four chapters in now, which is about 37 pages at the moment. I am writing in first person, which is totally unlike me. There is depth about these characters which I have never delved into before. I decided that I am going to post the first chapter and hopefully get some feedback. I want to let you know beforehand that I might not finish the story, but I will certainly try to keep up with it. I also want to warn you that this is a first rough draft. It is raw material.
     So here is a link to Google docs for the first chapter of my new writing project (by the way, it doesn't have a title yet.)


  1. That's so cool! Writing a full book is hard (and is something I still have yet to accomplish myself), but this idea of yours is really cool, and I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it! :)