Saturday, January 10, 2015

Buffet of Life

     Which is more terrifying? Not knowing what you want to do with your life in the future? Or being decided but not knowing if it will ever happen?
     Worrying about the future takes up so much of our time and effort! We can spend hours on end thinking about something that has a great likelihood of never happening! So much emotion can be wrapped up in a superficial figment of our imagination. I know that I have wasted sleep on ideas about my life.
     Senior year (and all of high school really) is usually devoted to making the final decision of how we would like to spend the rest of our life. It is as if we could walk of to the Buffet of Life and pick our platter.

     "And what would you like, miss?" The buffet attender asks, eyeing the customer with suspicion.
     "You know, I am really not sure." The young girl hesitantly answers.
     The attender's jaw drops opens in surprise! "How can you not be sure? After all, you have spent all of your life waiting in line to prepare yourself for this moment! Haven't your parents ordered their platter before you? Haven't they made their decision, and advised you what to do?"
     "Well, yes. But they didn't care for their choice. As they look back, sometimes they don't feel like they picked the right thing."
     "This is the most important part of your life, kid. Haven't you been told that?"
     "You bet. I have received invitations to multiple places, but each of them seems like the same deal. What if I make the wrong choice? Can't I just come back later to decide? I'm only seventeen."
     The attendant leans closer to make sure that the teenager can perfectly understand his words. "This is a one and only offer. If you don't pick now, you will be in shambles for the rest of your life. Leaving high school into the real world is a big deal."
     "Haven't I been living in the real world? Hasn't my childhood, with all of its hopes, dreams, and horrible failures done enough damage to be considered real? Isn't every decision we make going to influence us in some way? Yes. I know it is going to be hard being an adult. But being a child has its problems to that are difficult too."
     "Look, kid. I am going to give you a deal. You can pick two. You can choose a career and a family. That will get you out of the tough zone, but eventually you are going to have to give one up. You also better choose a new religion too, because there are a bunch of experienced critics out there who know all the answers that you don't have. Don't act surprised, It's just part of being an adult, you never know which direction to go."
     "It seems like a never ending maze. I don't think I can handle making all of these life changing decisions on my own." The customer shakes her head in utter despair. The idea of making a wrong choice weighed on her heart with alarming heaviness.
     "You don't have to make them alone." A voice calls from the end of the buffet line. It is thundering voice full of power, but also gentle and assuring at the same time. It is the owner of the restaurant. It is the owner of Life. He walks toward her, every step taken with authority. He stands next to her and puts His pierced hand on her shoulder.
     A smile crosses her lips. "I know you," she says. "You own this place."
     "Yes, I do, and I've got the platter for you. I know you inside and out. Rest assured, I know exactly what you need. I can take you where you need to go. It won't seem perfect at the first glance, and it may taste weird or burn your throat. But that's the beauty of it. After the initial shock of the unexpected, it will be just right. It will all be fine, dear one."
     He takes her delicate hands in His, and she leans upon His shoulder with a childlike dependence. "When I was little my parents chose for me, and now I have you to guide my decisions. I guess I never will really grow up at all."

     For all of us seniors, or those who are about to make a seemingly huge choice, I just want to throw a reminder out there. God's got a plan. Where ever you go or whatever you do, it is exactly the place He wants you to be.

 There are no mistakes. 
There are no coincidences. 
There is only a plan.

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