Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Only 11 Days At Home

     This past month has been so chaotic and crazy, but at the same time lots of fun! It has been full of incredible opportunities and reunions with extended family! Although I am tired of riding in the car for hours on end, this month has been a good one. It has been filled with adventures!
     I have stayed in GA, KY, MI, and TN in the course of one month. I have only been home 11 days! The first trips was in GA where we stayed with family. A week with my grandparents, a day with my uncle and aunt, and about a week with another aunt. I have also driven on the interstate multiple times which has been very stimulating (not that my parents are totally comfortable with it yet!).
    The second trip was more of a mission trip to Kentucky. It doesn't seem like much of a mission trip ideal, but when you have roofed with a bunch of other teenagers for a week it feels like your serving someone! This was the first time I had ever roofed. I had no idea it was such hot and sweaty work! At the end of the day, I was filthy! I also have never been on a roof in a thunderstorm. That was certainly an adventure! But the Lord provided a safe shelter through a total stranger who was moved by what we were doing! That was certainly humbling.
    Let me see. What was the next trip? Oh! My parents, one of my sisters, and I traveled to Missouri to look at a college there! I cannot believe that next year I will possibly be moving 9 hours away by myself! It's crazy! I love this college though. College of the Ozarks is an incredible Christian college where you can work for your education and graduate debt-free! That is definitely an option I would look into!
    Then, out of the blue, one day after I had gotten home, I was kidnapped! Actually, my cousin randomly decided to take me to her house for a couple days to hang out! It was pretty awesome! We had talked about doing something like that since we were little! It was really cool to just spend time with her in her mountain home in TN.
    With her family I went to GA (again) where I met the rest of my family in the mountain cabin that my grandpa has owned since my mother was a little girl. I have been going there ever since I was seven months old! It's a great place. Tubing down the rapids is one of the highlights of that trip.
    Needless to say, that was a lot of traveling. Sitting in the car is not nearly as much fun as it was when I started. I now appreciate my home much more. My next adventure will be starting a new job at Chickfila! Won't that be exciting!

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