Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another School Year Gone By

      School is very important to me. Ever since I was little, I enjoyed the process of finishing the pile of workbooks laid out before me. Perhaps it is because of my love for organization and goal orientation. There is a feeling that comes over me when I admire the hard work I have put into a project or goal. That's why I enjoy school.
      I will not say that I am a genius or anything of that sort. I was not born as an intelligent mastermind who immediately understands every subject from English to Math (especially not Chemistry)! I have worked incredibly hard for months to earn the A's and B's I get in school. I have never gotten a C as a final grade, although I have failed multiple tests. An A+ is always the goal. I accept A's. B's are fine but not worthy. Anything C or below is unacceptable.
     Some may ask if my parents are too hard on me. Actually, my parents have inquired if they were pushing me too hard. No. I do not consider them to be the instigator. They were the starters, setting an example of high standards in more places in life than school. However, as I have grown older (and started to teach myself school from textbooks) it has been myself that sets the bar increasingly higher.

     Occasionally, it's a curse. The expectation of being a perfect student is often broken and I am thrown back into reality. However, these experiences are humbling and help me stabilize my standards. I am not a straight A student, but I can always do my best. There are times when I have to consciously tell myself that it is alright that I did not receive the grade I wanted, or failed at understanding a certain concept.

I am human. I am not perfect. I will fail.
     Looking back upon my junior year of high school, I realize that I accomplished some difficult things. I took college courses at the local community college. Just that alone is astounding. I was really nervous at first. The thought of being two or more years younger than the majority of the people there was scary, but I laughed at the thought of being a "highschooler in disguise." In case you were wondering, I got A's in both classes.
     I also took AP courses in high school that were considered more difficult than college English courses by the teacher. However, out of all the common subjects in school, English is my proficient one (in case you couldn't tell).
     I have done well in school this year, as with all the other years. Looking ahead to the future, I am nervous about pushing it even further, but I know that with organization, hard work, and the Lord's strength, I can do almost anything!

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