Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Coming Soon!

     My creative juices are at work! I have such a creative mind that if I don't have an activity to stimulate it I tend to go crazy. I like to always have something to create, from music to movies. 
     My newest project is something I have never attempted audio book. I am attempting to take a story (and with the help of my amazing siblings) turn it into an audio book complete with accents, different voices, and sound effects! Don't worry about copyrights because this story is my own original novel. I wrote it at thirteen, so please don't judge it too harshly. It is just a creative outlet/hobby of mine and it should just be treated as such. 
     It is also another way for me to interact with my siblings, which I have been trying to do more often. With the beginning of my senior year looming ahead of me, I am trying to be involved with my younger brother and sisters because the time for me to move will come so quickly. I do not want to be one of those older siblings who totally disregard their family and think only about how cool they are. It's hard, but rewarding in the end. 
     Anyhow, I will be working on the chapters and hopefully will find a way to get them to you! It will probably be in the form of a link to a YouTube video that is private just for you subscribers! 
     Did I ever mention the title? 
     Coming soon to Running His Road is the epic story Return to Tirinth, written by Rebekah Runner and dramatized by...well...the Runner's! Hope you enjoy! 

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