Monday, March 23, 2015

Counting the Lasts

     The ways of life are ever changing. As time goes on and childhood ends one starts to count all of the "lasts." There is the last day of class, the last family photo, the last prom, and the last performance. It is sad, but it is rewarding to look back at all you have accomplished.
     In a striking way, it reminds me of when I had to move almost four years ago. Counting the lasts is a painful experience but it is a necessary one.
    This past week I got to experience Tech Week and acting on stage with my drama troupe for the last time. I tried to make sure that I enjoyed every minute of it. I tired to relish the joy and the work of putting together the show. I think that I can truly say that it was good.
    In my last post I talked about playing a villain. It was definitely an interesting part to play. It took a lot of energy! Since the character was totally unlike me in real life  I had to delve the deepest I have ever delved to get into character. If I wasn't convinced, how could the audience be? I literally stood on the side of the stage clenching my fists and building up some sort of rage so that I could be prepared to let loose my "dark side!"
      Being a villain has its perks, though. I had the wonderful opportunity to be taught stage fighting by a theater professor! Stage fighting is so unique and coordinated. My favorite movement was when I had to jump on the back of a fellow actor and then fall to the floor. There is lots of planning involved! Every move is planned out to the last detail and practiced over and over again so that no one gets seriously injured.

     We did have injuries though. My knees and arms got banged up, and somehow I twisted my ankle. However, I choose to think of these as part of the job, an occupational hazard if you will.
     Drama has taught me that you don't need to be in the spotlight to have influence. You can only be on the stage for a few minutes and still have an impact. Each job has a specific purpose just as each person has a specific role that only he or she can fill. I love acting. I love theater. I love the ins and outs of the whole operation. It is a wonderful thing and I hope that I can continue to do it in the future.
     I will miss my drama troupe desperately. They are a great group of people. But at the same time I can truly say that they have given me the launching pad to do something greater. I don't know what it is yet, but I can thank them for enriching me to grow as a person and an actor. That should be the point of acting. It shouldn't be for the fame or the stage time. We should act to influence the people around us.

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  1. You forgot to mention the last ride in my van as we carpooled together.... It will not be the same without you... I will truly miss you, but I am excited FOR you because I believe God has a lot of amazing things waiting for you! <3