Sunday, September 18, 2016


Sometimes words aren’t enough.
The pain and suffering go too deep for any mesh of syllables to pierce through.
The words you think might be helpful somehow float on the air once they are spoken.
They linger for a moment and then leave without entering the heart.
Words don’t always figure out the problem.

Sometimes being a friend isn’t enough.
The joy of friendship loses its flavor when it is tested by the fires of life.
The bond once shared isn’t strong enough to fulfill the emptiness of the soul.
The well-meaning friend might handle the situation in just the wrong way.
Friendship can’t always go deep enough.

Sometimes being an ear to listen isn’t enough.
The silence can’t solve the issue.
The patience to listen runs aground once the speaker has finished.
The listener doesn’t have the words to complete the unanswered questions.
Listening doesn’t always finish the equation.

Sometimes being the shoulder to cry on isn’t enough.
The weeping may soften the ache but it doesn’t provide the answers.
The tears may release some tension but it returns after a night’s rest.
The shoulder can only bear the burden for so long.
Crying only brings the problem to light.

Pain of the mind tears at the soul.
Depression is a sinking hole that never seems to have a bottom.
How do good friends help a dear friend who is in need?

Sometimes singing is enough.
When all else fails,
            when the words linger in the air,
                        when being a good friend is only a title,
                                    when the time for listening has ended,
                                                and when your shoulder aches from carrying the heavy burden,

Sing every song of worship that enters your mind.
Sing even though your melody cracks with emotion.
Sing no matter who walks by and listens.
Sing with a passion that no simple words can describe.

Lift your eyes to the heavens.
Stare at the glittering stars in the vast blackness of the night sky.
Your problems always seem so much smaller when you glance at the bigger picture.
The One who made the vast galaxies created your little self.
Why do you doubt His power in your own life?

Life is so full of difficulties.
It can be a dark rain cloud that makes truth seem like a figment of the imagination.
It can be a dark, deep pool that seems to swallow every shred of hope.
It can be a battle of the mind that seems like it can never be won.
But that’s simply not true.

God never lets anything come our way that we cannot overcome.
He is enough.
Fight the hard fight!

And sing while you’re at it. 

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